Artist Statement

As a child I was fascinated by nature. I spent much of my time playing outdoors. I’d climb a tree and be mesmerized by the texture of the bark and the graceful movement of the leaves dancing in the breeze. I had a captured interest in the textures of tree bark, stone, and sand. I loved how nature coordinated colors too. For instance, the shocking red sandstone of Utah, to me, was a canvas for the many colors of plant life.

This love of nature evolved when I started oil painting landscapes. My adventure in the art world began when I was a mother and in college. My love of the outdoors and a creative twitch lead me to take my first oil painting class at the YWCA. My neighbor, at the time, talked me into taking a pottery class soon after. I realized that the clay allowed me the ability to manipulate the form and add texture, rendering it into something depicting nature, from a material of nature. I was hooked!

Today, many of my pieces reflect my personality and interests. You’ll find a lot of texture and color in my pieces, which are influenced by my love of nature. I also capture movement in my pieces. A graceful arc or twist of the clay reminds me of my love of dance. Much of my youth I was involved in sports. This too influences the movement of my pieces.

One of my signature creations is teapots. Each teapot I create has its own personality. It’s as if I am capturing a person’s gestures or character. Visualize a hand placed on a hip or an arm waving to a friend. It represents the things and people I love.

I engulf myself in my art. Each piece has a story. Each piece represents me as an artist. I hope you can find a story of your own in my pottery.

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