Plates and platters are dishwasher safe. All items not in stock can be re-ordered with any of the glazes pictured.

Desert Sage and Burgandy Satin Glazed Square Plate.
Landscape Platter
Shino and Turquoise Rectangular Plate with Circles
Rutile Green, Shino, and Varigated Blue Glazed Square Plate
3-Leaf Glossy White and Shino Glazed Platter
Black glazed with Blue Design
Rectangle Plate with Four Feet, Shino and Rutile Green Glazes
Turquoise Square Plate
3 stacked Oval Plates with Desert Sage & Burgandy Satin Glaze
3-legged Leaf Platter
Underneath Side of the 3-legged Platter
Landscape Platter
Burgandy Satin & Sunshine Glazed Platter
Design Platter
Shino Glazed Plate Rectanglular Plate
Leaf Platter
Plaid Plate with Matching Mug
Red Hot Glazed Platter
Shino Glazed Chip & Dip Set
Shino & Turquoise Glzed Square pPlate
Textured Platter
Shino & Varigated Blue Glazed with Texture
Burgandy Satin and Sage Glazed Oval Platter
Turquoise & Shino Oval Platter with Handles
Leaf Plate
Rhubarb Leaf Pate
Rectangle Plate with Square Cups
Oval Plate with Leaves
Rectangle Plate with Feet
Rectangle Plate with Shino & Glossy White with Leaves
Dragonfly Square Plate
Burgandy Satin & Sunshine Salad Plate
Christmas Tree Platter
Green Shino & Sunshine Rectangular Plate
Green Shino Dinner Plate
Golden Matt & Chartruese Platter
Green Shino & Burgandy Satin Plate
Green Shino Plate
Green Shino Plate with Diamond Texture
Green Shinowith Red on Square Plate
Green Shino with Red Square Plates
Impressed Design on Green Shino Glazed Plate
Carved Leaf Platter
Lt Green Shinore Plate
& Shino Plate
Lt Shino & Iron Oval Platter
Oval Shino & Burgandy Satin Oval Plate
Red & Black Plate
Red & Black Plate Set
Red Rock Carved Shino Glazed Plate
Desert Sage &  Blue Denium Plate
Shino & Glossy White Textured Plate
Shino & Green ShinoPlatter with Turquoise Squares
Shino & Turquoise Squares with Orange Accents
Shino & Denium Blue Carved Plate
Shino & Glossy White with Leaves Cake Platter
een Shino & Shino with Spirals
Turquoise & Shino Design Textured Plate
Sunshine & Burgandy Satin Textured Plate
SUnshine Ripple Plate
Sunshine & Burgandy Satin Plate with Spirals
Turquoise & Shino Square Textured Plate
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