"Gift Bowls" make meaningful and useful presents for birthdays, weddings, house warmings, thank-yous, and showers. First, you choose from a number of unique handcrafted pottery bowls, in different glaze colors and shapes. Next, give it your own special touch, by filling the bowl with a variety of fun and useful items. For a kitchen gift bowl, you can add an egg separator, mug, relish dish, soap dish, and/or spoon rest. For a bathroom gift basket, choose from soap/lotion dispensers, skin scrubs, bath salts and/or handmade soaps. Or you can make any variety of gift bowl that you want. You get to make it as unique and creative as you are. Not only that, this is something the recipient will cherish. Do away with old gift baskets that clutter the home and don’t have much use. With a gift bowl you are giving the gift of art. Each bowl takes the skillful precision of the artist’s eye and patient hand to build. It’s not only beautiful it’s functional as well. Give a gift bowl, and your giving a thoughtful gift from the heart. 
Choose from:
Small bowl with 4 items: $60
Medium bowl with 4 items: $75
Large Bowl with 4 items: $100

Clayton Wilkinson, Probe Realtors
     "In my Real Estate business, my image is everything. It is essential when I am working with clients that I make a good impression in the beginning of our relationship and leave them with a lasting impression once a deal is complete. I like to present my clients with  a "Thank You" gift that is both classy and useful. I started giving Mother Earth Artworks "Gift Bowls" as client gifts, and have found that my clients are grateful to receive such a unique and lasting token of my appreciation. Upon returning to my client's homes, I often see the beautiful items such as the relish bowl and spoon being displayed and used. I have also appreciated the opportunity Cheryl has given me to customize each gift to my specifications. and needs."

Sunshine and burgandy satin glazed 'Gift Bowl'
Gift Bowl with possible items
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