Pump dispensers have a screw-on attachment and come in black or tan. The pump dispensers are for liquid soap and lotion.

Pour dispensers are for vegetables oils or for liquid dish soap.

Pump dispensers and pour dispensers can be ordered in any of the colors shown. Ordered take for to six weeks.

Glossy white and shino dispenser.
Burgandy satin glazed dispenser
Rutile Blue dispenser
Gunmetal Glazed Dispenser
Nutmeg glazed dispenser
Rutile grenn & shino glazed
Shino & levi blue dispenser
Burgandy satin & sunshine glazed soap dispenser
Sunshine & Brugandy Satin Metal Dispenser
Desert Sage & Shino Metal Despenser
Red & Green Shino Metal Dispenser
Shino & Rutile Green Metal Dispenser
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