Vases and bottles are unique and different each time they are created. I love to add texture bits and pieces of nature or using my hand carved stamps.

Round Window Piece
Vase with Shell
Dripping Blue
Green Shino Vase
'Dressed in Burgandy' Vase
Dragonfly Vase
Burgandy Satin Textured Vase
Arts & Crafts Twig Vase
Handbuilt Textured Vase
Handbuilt Textured Piece
Maple Leaf Vase
Varigated Blue Bottles with Fan Knob
Red Hot Glazed Vase
Oval Curved Piece
Rock Art Bottle
'Dressed in Green' Vase
Utah Desert Piece
Sunshine Glazed Vase with Red Handles
Sunshine & Burgandy Satin
Twig & Leaf Vase
Golden Matt & Turquoise Vase
Sunshine & Matt Green Vase
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