The studio is in my home in Salt Lake City, Utah. I worked as a Registered Nurse for many years but have always wanted to pursue my passion….. art. Working as a nurse has given me the means to attend the University of Utah studying Ceramics Art, and to build and set up my studio.

Making pottery requires many different pieces of equipment. My first purchases were a throwing wheel and an electric kiln to fire my pottery. Then I began buying chemicals, colorants, clay and everything needed to make glazes. All the glazes are made by hand using a glaze recipe and scales to measure each ingredient. Some of the glazes are sprayed on the piece, which requires a spray gun and spray booth. Spraying the glazes helps to add variety and unusual effects.

The studio also needed working space for wedging and cutting the clay, putting together parts of the pots such as attaching a handle and handbuilding pieces. I needed a specific size table that could not be purchased, so, I signed up for a wood working class at the local community school. I built my own table, some of my storage units and bookshelves. All of the glazes and chemicals are stored in small and large rolling buckets.

I also purchased a slab roller to handbuild pieces. It takes the place of using a rolling pin, which is difficult to use and can create uneven surfaces. The slab roller gives me the ability to build large pieces more easily and gives me an additional working surface.Potters are known for collecting anything with texture or for use as a tool. I am no exception. I find myself bringing home rocks, twigs, and pieces of metal to make impressions in the clay. All of the collections, numerous tools, and books sit on the shelves. All in all, it is a great space for creativity.I also have a pottery showroom in my home. Visitors are always welcome.
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